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Kelly, Inc. has dedicated themselves to find the most effective ways to make you look your best. Whether it's investing in the newest electrolysis equipment – you know Kelly, Inc. is going to do everything possible to make that unwanted hair disappear!

Electrolysis Origins

Electrolysis started as a means to remove in-grown eyelashes from poking people in the eye – did you know that? It has evolved since then to be something that millions of people have used to remove unwanted hair from all parts of their body.

Recently, Kelly teamed-up with Laurier Instruments, Inc. to come up with a new kind of insulted electrolysis probe. The probe has a more compact tip, called the "Kelly Tip" that makes a huge difference in reducing her client's discomfort. Doesn't it make you feel good that Kelly is going so far to make sure you are comfortable while she zaps those hairs?

I could go on and on about electrolysis types, the good, the bad and the ugly, but I feel that one of my past clients has done all the work for me! Andrea James spent tons of time and effort to put together a website called "" which takes hair removal information to a new level. She spent countless hours gathering information and taking an unbiased look at the methods available and has kindly allowed me to share the information about electrolysis with you.
Thanks Andrea –  You Rock!
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Types of Electrolysis

Three kinds of energy are used:

1) Galvanic electrolysis works by causing salt and water in the skin around the probe to be chemically altered to produce a small amount of sodium hydroxide, or lye. Lye is the active ingredient in some crystal drain openers. If enough is produced, it can damage the cells that cause hair growth. The chemical reaction is expressed like this:

NaCl (salt) + H2O (water) + direct current =
NaOH (sodium hydroxide) + Cl (chlorine) + H (hydrogen)

2) Thermolysis works by causing water molecules in the skin around the probe to vibrate, which creates heat. If enough heat is produced, it can damage the cells that cause hair growth.

3) Blend is based on the theory that lye is more caustic when heated. Theoretically, blend is more effective than other methods if performed correctly. Blend is recommended by several experts, but electrologist skill is by far the most important factor in safe and effective treatment.

Personally, I like to use Thermolysis and have great success with it for my clients. I truly feel that it depends on the skill of the electrologist and how precise each insertion is to actually destroy the hair. The better the insertion, the better the hair destruction rate. I've heard of other electrologists using Blend and Galvanic very effectively – but I tend to use what I do best, and that's Thermolysis.

Kelly's Equipment

Kelly Inc. Electrolysis uses only the BEST technology when treating our clients. The use of the newest technology and the Apilus Platinum makes hair removal as effective and painless as possible!

Pico Flash
Single short pulses of heat destroy the follicle with as little pain as possible.

Multiple micro pulses destroy the follicle in a more concentrated way.

After treatment massaging & smoothing of the skin and closing of the pores for faster healing and recovery!

The Hair Growth Cycle

I found this great video on YouTube that helps to show the hair growth cycle and explain how and why you might get hair in a place that we have already treated. It's because all hair doesn't grow at the same time, but watch and hopefully it will help you understand better.

The Hair Growth Cycle - go watch it on YouTube!

How it works

At any one time all hair on your body is in one of four different stages.

All hair is never all in the same cycle at the same time. Hair grows in cycles and not all follicles are active at any one time so it takes multiple treatments to eliminate all hairs in the killing cycle.

Hair that is in the first, growing Anagen cycle has a wet moist hair root. It will be permanently killed when treated with electrolysis. It will be gone forever. The second Catagen transition cycle is where the hair root starts drying up and detaching. Hairs treated in the second cycle MAY be killed or come back smaller and finer. The third Telogen cycle is the resting, shedding, falling out cycle. The hair root is dried up and detached. It’s too late to kill or damage the hair until it grows back in next growing cycle. The fourth cycle is hair that is below the skin surface, and not yet visible, that will be growing out.

For every hair above the skin, there are approximately three or four more hair follicles below the surface that will be growing new hairs. This means that you have about 30-40% additional more hairs below the skin surface, than what you see, that will be growing up to the surface as old hairs fall out. Hair that has been regularly tweezed may take about three months to eventually all grow back.

Electrolysis works on all hair colors. Grey, white or red hairs may require more treatment time, because these hairs can be coarser, drier and thicker. Persons with red hair frequently can be more sensitive and require the lowest, slowest heat levels and may require many more treatment hours. The variables in electrolysis are temperature or heat level and timing. For example, cooking something in the oven at 200 degrees will take more time than cooking it at 450 degrees. Electrolysis works on all skin types.

Electrolysis is a process of elimination that may take different lengths of time for different hairs on different skin types. The easier you sunburn, the lower the treatment heat level may need to be. Electrolysis is a series of regular, committed treatments, each time permanently eliminating hairs that are in the killing or growing cycle. On average, it may take approximately 150 to 300 treatment hours to remove a beard. On the average, it may take 1.5 to 2 years of treatment to catch all of the beard hair in the killing phase.

For general body hair, much of it may diminish after about a year on Hormone therapy. Beard, eyebrows, underarm and genital hair will NOT be affected by hormones and testosterone and androgen blockers. Only electrolysis completely kills the stem cells in the follicle that make the hair grow.


The recommended time for Electrolysis pre-op preparation would be regular, committed clearing treatments for 18-24 months for optimum results. A bare minimum would be doing at least three full clearings of at least 5-6 electrolysis hours for each clearing. One clearing is every hair in the surgery area totally gone each time. One clearing might be at least 5-6 hours or more. All electrolysis must be stopped at least 4 weeks before surgery.

A leading doctor who originated the current surgery technique recommends at least one to two years of pre-surgical electrolysis clearing to prevent ongoing ingrown hair problems in the vaginal vault or canal. Many trans women do two years of genital clearing for optimum results. Post-surgical hairs in the vaginal canal can NEVER be eliminated and may cause folliculitis or infectious ingrown hairs and urinary tract infections (UTI’s) that can be irritated by necessary regular dilation. Surgical “scraping” only destroys existing hairs in the below follicles, but does nothing for hairs that may still grow in later after surgery. Some surgeons may be experts in surgery, but haven’t been paired up with seasoned electrologists and they are learning post-op the amount of people who are left with problematic internal hair growth in the vaginal canal.

At the day’s end, the client assumes the risk of internal vaginal hair growth.

Different surgeons require different clearing patterns, so check with your doctor what they specify. In general, hair must be removed from the penis shaft and a one inch circumference around the shaft base. Hair is removed from part of the scrotum often leaving some on the sides of the upper scrotum that will cover the new labia. Some doctors don’t do this. Usually hair needs to be removed from a 2.5 inch wide area from the perineum, between the scrotum and the anus.


Hair is removed from an 8” square area either on the thigh or arm. Three full clearings are necessary over a minimum 6-9 months’ time. One clearing means every hair is gone in the surgery area each time. Ideally 18-24 months treatment time is more effective since the FTM hormone therapy accelerates an increase of hair growth. Electrolysis must be stopped 4 weeks before surgery. You want NO hair in the donor site area to prevent future hair growth on the phallus and inside the urethra. Future hair growth can lead to problems with urination for both forearm and thigh phalloplasties. Risks are too high with cutting corners.


Electrologists who are members of the American Electrology Association have demonstrated an interest in staying current with the latest information. This can cover most current hair removal techniques, infection control standards, skin conditions, latest equipment in the industry, and special requirements and needs of special populations like Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and transgender individuals. AEA membership indicates an effort to update information learned during original training.The American Electrology Association has established specific standards for the profession including a national board certification credential, Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). The CPE credential is granted by the International Board of Electrologist Certification. It signifies that an electrologist’s knowledge has been tested and measured against a national standard of excellence. This CPE board certification is a voluntary credential, demonstrating the electrologist’s commitment to keep the credential current through required ongoing continuing education units (CEUs) and there by exemplifying the highest degree of professionalism. Contact an AEA Electrologist to start your process for hair free skin.

Arms (half) - $25
Arms (full) - $45
Back (full) - $50
Back (half) - $25
Bikini - $25
Brazilian - $60
Brazilian (male) - $90
Cheeks/Sideburns - $20
Chest (male) - $45
Legs (half) - $40
Legs (full) - $65
Lip - $8
Stomach (trail) - $8
Stomach (full) - $25
Underarms - $20
Complete Brow Shaping (30 min) - $25
Brow Maintenance (20 min) - $16

Cirepil Wax is used in all of our waxing services.

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