About us – Stacy Morgan, LE, CPE

How She Got HereI didn’t even know what electrolysis was until my Dad’s transition. After several sessions my Dad soon developed a dream of owning her electrolysis business as a retirement gig. The natural question that followed was, “Would you work for me?” Always wanting to support my family I said sure, even though retirement was a long, long way away. But this small step leads to conversations with Kelly. From this point I was hooked, excited, and enrolled in electrolysis school. After school Kelly took me under her wing where I have learned so much and really had a chance to grow as an electrologist.

  • Transgender Community

    It’s been extremely rewarding being able to help my Dad with her transition. We’ve been through a lot together and it has made me want to do more help others. Electrolysis has helped me connect with so many within the community and assist them in a smooth, hair-free transformation that helps them keep that sparkling ready-to-take-on-the-world outlook.

  • Loving Everything

    I love the amount of versatility that comes with each new client. Not only can I help clients in their own unique way but also I get to experience a world filled with great conversation and genuine connection. Talk to me about anything and everything, although some of my favorite conversation starters involve music, books, and personal life lessons.

  • Sharing

    “Find happiness within yourself. Then share yourself with others.”

    Electrolysis has been one of the best gifts I could share with the world. Helping promote happiness and self-confidence has filled me with an overwhelming joy.

After attending school at A Accurate I became a licensed electrologist in October of 2011 and received my CPE certification in 2013. Being a member of the American Electrology Association has kept me in a world of learning and growing to become a better technician. Although I must admit, I’ve had the best teachers tucked away here in this office, working with Kelly and Nelida has been a wonderful experience that has given me a jump start in this field that I could never even dreamed of.

Stacy has been on the Electrology Association of Illinois advisory board for several years, and is currently serving as Vice President since the Spring of 2014.

Even though I may be young for an electrologist I have had a busy and eventful career. Listening to my mentors and clients has helped to grow and shape my practice into a happy home where I can help others feel better about themselves, which in itself is a fantastically rewarding experience for me. I am lucky to have so many opportunities to expand my knowledge with the endless resources that comes from collaborating with other electrologists, attending educational seminars, and gaining hands on experience.

When I’m not in the office I’m out looking for new experiences. So far on my journey I have discovered a rewarding life in yoga. Which gave me a great foundation for the aerial arts I discovered recently. I even have a lyra hanging in my living room! When I’m not in downward dog or hanging from my 16-foot ceiling I value time with my friends or a good book. I have a love for crafting things whether it is a drawing, painting, or sewing project. My newest personal goal is learn to spin fire poi. You may even see me practicing in the park near our office! I am constantly amazed by the world we live in and love meeting new people. Always looking out for new things to learn I consider myself an eternal student and am happiest when I can share what I’ve learned with others. My newest fascinations have involved nutrition and learning to cook things that don’t come out of a box. Health is very important to me and I’m working to understand the balance between mind, body, and spirit. And if you haven't noticed already, I am hair color enthusiast! In my world blue, purple, and pink are always good colors for hair :)