About us – Kelly Morrissy, LE, CPE

Kelly Inc. - Electrolysis by Kelly Morrissy began when I started working out of my house. At the time almost all of my clients were transgender (TG). However, when I moved my business to the Oak Park Mall slowly I got more clients, both transgender and local men and women.

Recently, Kelly teamed-up with Laurier Instruments, Inc. to come up with a new kind of insulated electrolysis probe. The probe has a more compact tip, called the "Kelly Tip" that makes a huge difference in reducing her client's discomfort. Doesn't it make you feel good that Kelly is going so far to make sure you are comfortable while she zaps those hairs?

  • Transgender Community

    Kelly has been very active in the Transgender Community for her entire career. She has educated herself in techniques that work for her patients and is an active participant in TG events all over the country. She was recently interviewed for a TG radio show, you can listen to that HERE!

  • It's Kelly!

    She is a one-of-a-kind free spirit who LOVES her work! Kelly has been hair-picking longer than you might think! She is the current president of the Illinois Electrology Association (since 2016) and was treasurer for the 8 years prior to that, and has a wealth of experience.

  • Knock Out Unwanted Hair

    Kelly's pledge is she will knock out unwanted hair – PERMANENTLY! Using the latest in technology as well as different tools and techniques, she will remove that hair and do it in the most efficient and pain-free way possible.

Not all electrologists are created equal. Be very careful about just who is working on you!

As a Licensed Electrologist (L.E.) and Certified Professional Electrologist (C.P.E.) I take all the necessary steps to ensure that my skills, equipment and techniques are up-to-date. These simple little letters make a world of difference to you - they mean that I have completed certification training and continuing education to make sure that I can provide the best possible service to my clients. I am now on the Executive Board for the EAI (Electrologist Association of Illinois).

I’ve been zapping hairs since 1986 and I began working with the gender community in 1990.  In that time I’ve worked with about 400 gender clients.

On average I do about 30 hours of electrolysis a week; about 20 of those hours are gender clients and around 10 hours are the general public.

Over the last  21+ years I’ve learned a lot. From other electrologists, experience, attending seminars and doing continuing education. And a lot from just listening to my clients. No two clients are the same, and to treat everyone in the same way doesn't produce the best possible results. I like to have my results speak for themselves. Visit my Client Testimonial section to hear it from my clients!

kelly scubaOMG, where to begin?! If you know me, you know that if it's fun I will be there! When I'm not spending time zapping hair or supporting the LGBT community I love, love, LOVE to practice my mermaid skills scuba diving. I've been all over the place to spend time underwater exploring and seeing how the other half lives...and by other half I mean fishes!

dick lessFor years now I've been living a double life...by day I'm Kelly Morrissy, hair zapper extraordinaire and on special occasions I will undergo a miraculous change and become the skilled entertainer named Richard Less, but you can call me "Dick."